Value Of Life

Whatever has been written today, if you have time, then you should definitely read it.

Sometimes we get to see something very disturbing in our life, which is very sad and painful. It shakes you from inside, and makes you think a lot. Sometimes life seems like a very small thing. May be the reason is behind this that the world, we are living now, or rather the conditions that the world is passing through or facing these days, or the kind of era we are living in today, life is no longer a very big thing.

There are more reports of death than life all around the world. Deaths news are everywhere from newspapers to TV and from the society. Many people are being lost everyday in this corona epidemic. After all these disturbing news but sometimes a news or someone’s sudden departure from the world compels a lot to think. We cannot even imagine how important someone’s life can be to a person or a family.

The news of someone’s sudden departure from the world may be very minor news for others, but we cannot imagine that his passing must have ruined the lives of how many people? Or how many lives will be changed after this?  Those people who will be changed by his passing and will also become helpless.

Yesterday on 02/07/2021 received a bad news, that their elder son’s wife is in critical condition. Her intestine had ruptured and she was in very bad condition.

The medical poles of the country and Delhi had already been exposed in the second wave of Corona, and this family also had a lot of trouble, first they went to Fortis Hospital, then Holy Family and then Malviya Nagar and after Safdarjung and Safdarjung referred her to AIIMS, the last stop to wander from here to there.  After all, without getting beds, treatment could be started in AIIMS with great difficulties.

After they arranged a bed for her and later he was put on ventilator.  If the blood pressure was not stable then the operation could not be done and the problem kept on increasing. Once went for the operation but due to the excess of pain, there was no effect of anesthesia. After making a cut, his operation was postponed and stitches were put in that cut.

All this was happening in AIIMS where we have the best medical facilities in India. His condition worsened and finally he took his last breath on the ventilator.  By the end of the evening, his life also became an evening. It was very sad to hear and great thought came of the son who was unconscious.

His life unfolded like a story. Both of them got married after liking each other and loved each other very much. That bonding of this couple was also often seen, both of them used to spend most of the time together. Hanging out together and spending a lot of time with each other.

She has a 4 or 5 year old daughter, whose picture was put on her facebook profile from the beggining of this account, and now she was leaving her alone in this world.  While staying, the little girl does’nt know that what kind of injustice the nature had done to her, perhaps that innocent girl would not even know about it.

That girl’s face did not let me sleep through the night, due to some health issues, i could’nt go there but i dont know, how i was feeling that pain? I saw her last video was coming out, in which she was on the ventilator, oblivious to every pain of life, every trouble of life.

Due to the spirit of social service and perhaps being attached to people, now m not as emotionally strong as i was before. After a lot of work in social interest now I feel connected to every news and feel the same pain. And same pain also motivates me to write my feelings.  And the same pain also motivates to do something for the society.

Sometimes some events change the way of thinking about life. We cannot even imagine the impact of someone’s departure in the family.  We cannot even imagine how much someone loves to his partner. And what can he do for his partner.

Let me share an experience of my life with you, it will be easy to guess. When I went on my first visit to Lucknow, despite being the capital of Uttar Pradesh, I could never go there thats why i was very exited. There were two reasons for that, neither any relative is living there nor I am associated with any business that I have to go to Lucknow for that.

As soon as i came out of the railway station there was a man asking for money, I was looking for 5 or 10 ₹ in my pocket, he spontaneously said brother, give 100 ₹ I can buy my injection, my hand stopped in my pocket and I stared at him angrily and said “How did you even think that I will give my hard earned money for your intoxication and get lost from here.

He said brother, I am needy and that need has made me a beggar and this injection is not for intoxication, my wife is in very critical condition and she is admit in city hospital. the injection she takes every day cost 750 ₹, I am a carpenter, I work on 450 ₹ per day and I was happy in my life. After that my wife got sick and which injection she need cost rupees 750/- i asked for advance money where I worked for the treatment of my wife and also asked to mortgage myself with the person I used to work with.

I told him that as long as he can get me to work, till i pays every penny of him, even if he gives rupees 400 per day as daily wage.  But he also refused. All my loved ones also made excuses and left me alone in this trouble. Brother, I thought that I have to save my wife’s life even if I have to beg for her, and now I am doing the same.

He further said that for the last 2 months, she gets continuously her injections, there are some other expenses including medicine. The god does not disappoint me, after all these situations, I also found his reverence for the God was strange.  After that he took out the papers and showed me. I just stood silent in embarrassment. If I had something , I would have come out, but I had nothing to say, so I kept listening silently.

His love for his wife and her troubles had created a stir in his heart. At that time, along with the whole world, I found myself completely empty. Only one person on this planet was full of love for his wife with humanity, with care, with responsibly, and bravely, and that person was who was just standing in front of me.

When he finished speaking, I saw my eyes were wet, he was smiling courageously even after all these situations. His eyes were not wet, but his throat was dry. Than i thought maybe his eyes are tired now, he have seen so much in his life that all the pain has gone away, I bought a bottle of water from nearby and gave it to him to drink.  When he drank the water, I told him that brother, sorry I had misunderstood and I took some money out of my pocket.

He smiled and His smile was making me feel more embarrassed.  Then he said “brother, it doesn’t matter, now it has become a habit to listen to people’s grievances.  And went ahead with the money from my hand, I kept watching him go, and he got lost somewhere after crossing the road in front of me.  Helped him a little and felt a lot of relief even with that little help.
And one more thing came to know that what can be the meaning of someone’s life for someone, we can not imagine.




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